On The Hunt Or On The Range

Send Us Your Picture and Story and we will add it here. Lot's of Luck. "Put it in the pocket"-Bud.

SCAA State 3D Shoot

March 16th and 17th at Palmetto Archery.


Joe Flood scored 5th in 4-known Outlaw in 3D.

Joe is shooting a 2018 Mathews Vertix with custom Gold Tip Black Label arrows. Congratulations Joe! Keep it up buddy.

Mr. Gene Kadama came in for his yearly tune up and zero on his Triax. He went to New Mexico for a wonderful elk hunt. He was able to bring home a big bull elk with a well placed shot. Congratulations Gene, well done sir!

2020 Hunting season

Dwayne Padgett harvested this nice buck. Great job buddy! 

Another long chased, beautiful buck. Harvested with the new VXR and some heavy weight Ted Nugent Gold Tip arrows. All that hard work really paid off. Congratulations buddy!

Congratulations to Randy Joe Eadie! First buck harvested with a bow, and he's a monster. We are so proud of her!

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